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The Sentinel was designed for 29er haters. A bike so capable, playful and fun that even the most staunch 29er naysayer will instantly convert. With our reverse mullet suspension configuration, the Sentinel stays responsive and playful while delivering incredible downhill monster truck capabilities. Our new Speed Balanced Geometry is our crown jewel that unlocks 100% of the potential of this bike. With SBG you get total confidence when it comes to cornering and climbing that really sets this bike apart from the crowd.

"The Sentinel is an absolute beast when it comes time to descend, a downright monster when the trail turns steep and rough. There are plenty of long-travel 29ers out there that can handle the Whistler Bike Park, but when it comes to tackling the steepest, chunkiest trails there aren't many that can match the Sentinel's performance." - Click here for the full review

Speed Balanced Geometry

SBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, front wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while actually increasing confidence in steep terrain and at high speeds. With SBG, a slacker head tube angle is combined with a all new reduced offset fork standard, preventing the front wheel from being too far in front of the rider. This improves front to rear weight distribution on the bike, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes. One of SBG's greatest benefits is that it creates a confident steering feel that adapts to wheel speed. More stability when going fast, more agility on technical slow speed manuevering as well as improved traction, control and confidence for any skill level of rider.


Now available in lower 44mm offset to suit transitions new optimised SBG geometry. To get the very most out of your new transition frame we highly recommend the use of an SBG specific offset fork to get the most out of your bike!


The new 36 Performance Elite features the agility of the smaller 34, but with some added grit for increased stability on rough terrain. A larger stanchion diameter, and added travel makes for a fork that delivers with the performance of a DH fork, and the agility of an Enduro fork. It features an EVOL air spring for added plushness, and a tapered steer tube for reliable and sturdy handling. The black anodized stanchions are buttery smooth, and magnesium lowers save weight. The HSC/LSC or FIT04 three-position damper offers precise control over changes in terrain, letting you plow through whatever comes your way.